How Many Times Do I Need Pressure Wash My Roof?

For nationwide, the average advice to pressure washes it every two or three years. For California, homes may need it more frequently, especially after a heavy storm. If you notice some dark patches on your roof, it is a sign mold is growing. It depends on the kind of roof materials you may need to take extra care when pressure washing. With the asphalt, it composes a shingle roof that needs a soft pressure wash that does not harm the granules in the shingles. For tile roofs also require a soft wash.

Asphalt Roof

For Asphalt pressure washing service composite shingle roof needs no more than about 30psi. This is the same as a garden sprayer but you need special equipment to safely reach the entire roof. The expert should pressure wash an asphalt roof. An expert pressure wash includes a special non-toxic cleaner that does not harm the shingles or metal fastenings.

Tile Roof

It is essential to take special care not to crack tiles while pressure washing. For clay and ceramic tile roofs needs the same low setting as asphalt tile materials. You may seal clay tiles with a protective coating that discourages the growth of moss and other organisms.

Rain Gutters

The rain gutters are part of the roof system and require washing when they are full of dirt, leaves and other debris. An accurate power washing cleans most gutters and the downspout. This stops the growth of mold under the roof eaves and on the walls of the building. Careful roof pressure washing needs to do by an expert company.

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