How to Maintain Your Jacuzzi Filter

The filter is a very important part of your hot tub pad as they are what keeps contaminants. Like hair, oils, dirt, and residue out of your hot tub. Due to your filters are constantly working to keep your water clear, they should care to maintain peak efficiency. Thus, if not clean, the build up in the filter can cause halted water flow that can strain your pump and even your hot tub pack.

Clean Up Your Filter


The filter works hard to keep the grime out of your water, that means a lot of that residue ends up in the filter itself. By keeping your hot tub running smoothly. Thus, the best thing is to rinse your filter out every week. We suggest using a filter brush, that works easily and effectively to clean each individual pleat of the filter. Also, you may use a garden hose for rinsing it out. Nevertheless, we will avoid the dishwasher as filters can damage by high water pressure.


For once a month with an average hot tub use your filter will need a more thorough clean to break down any oils. As well as, scum or residue that will not come off with rinsing. With the use of a chemical cleaner specifically design to deeply clean your spam filters. After you clean the filter according to the directions on your filter cleaner. Make sure you let your filters dry before placing them back in the spa to help kill any remaining contaminants.

Replacing Your Filter

Usually, the life of your hot tub filter lasts about a year if you diligently care about it before they need to replace. After one year, the filter will start to show wear and tear and begin to function less effectively.


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