Refrigerator Fire Safety

Things to Consider to Keep Your Refrigerator Safe

One of the most terrible experiences that could happen in life is when the house is on a flame, and you have nothing to do but to look at it and weep as much as you can. Unfortunately, it happens for most people out there and admitted that it was completely a nightmare – the worst nightmare ever…

Actually, we cannot predict when we could experience the fire in our home and we cannot control the fire itself when we are experiencing it, likewise, one of the main reason why we are experiencing a house burning because of household appliances, specifically the refrigerator that is being too much used and it causes flame. However, if we cannot control the fire itself, well the best thing we could do is to have a prevention! So, it is so important to check always the household appliances – particularly, the electrical appliances such as the refrigerator.

As a matter of fact, no matter how many fire drills and how wide the knowledge regarding fire safety, we cannot totally shut down the fact that fire exists everywhere. Everyone can be a victim and no one is exempted.

Well, in fact, some people acknowledge that the main reason of a burning home is the electrical appliances, there is no doubt that most people are being extra careful in choosing appliances and extra careful in using such appliances – specifically, using of a refrigerator.

We totally refrigerator because it is the carrier of foods and it consists of various food in the refrigerator. It carries the food and it runs twenty-four hours – and that is the indeed caused by a burning house. So, in this article, we have stated some things that need to consider in how to have a refrigerator fire safety by checking the refrigerator in your home.

  1. It’s important to read all the manufacturer’s instructions and rules on how to handle and take care of your refrigerator.
  2. Do regular checks of plugs, socket, sounds or arcing, fuses blowing, and circuit-breakers tripping. If one of these describes in your refrigerator, you can ask help from refrigerator repairman to do the repairs.
  3. Make sure that your home hasa full protection by the residual current device (RCD).
  4. Keep your refrigerator away from flammable materials and free from any paper materials.
  5. Don’t block the interior or exterior ventilation openings of the refrigerator.
  6. Don’t place your refrigerations near cookers, radiators or in direct sunlight.
  7. Defrost your refrigerator at least once a year.
  8. Do not trap the main cable underneath the refrigerator.

Furthermore, you need to do a regular check for all appliances you have in your household – if one of them have complications or need a repair, it is better to contact a professional repairman for immediate repair of appliances such as electrical stoves, air condition, and for dishwasher repair.

But, when the fire has started, the most important thing to keep in mind is to calm and don’t panic. If the fire has started, it is time for you to call the hotline number 999 for the quick relief. Or you can also have a fire extinguisher inside your home for more convenience and safety as well. Likewise, keep this in mind always that it’s better to prevent than to feel regret after experiencing the worst nightmare.

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